United Steaks is committed to providing the highest quality steaks. We source our meat only from responsible farmers who share our values and commitment to excellence. Our steak selection, cutting, packing, and shipping methods are centered around our mission: to provide premium steaks, preserve freshness, and ensure that our customers receive the same delicious taste as they would at their favorite steakhouse.

We expertly preserve steaks using our F3 process (Fresh-Flash-Frozen). This process prevents freezer burn by freezing the steaks without the formation of ice crystals. When it comes to freezing food for the maximum freshness, rest assured that we know what we are doing at United Steaks. You can learn more about our freezing process HERE.

After your order is received, your steaks will be hand-cut and packed in a styrofoam freezer box with a gel pack to keep the product cold during the shipping process. FedEx will deliver your order in two (2) business days.

We guarantee that your box of United Steaks will arrive optimally fresh and safe to consume at your doorstep via FedEx. Although it is our business to deliver your order to your doorstep as fresh as possible, we rely on you to do your part. Please prepare and eat your steaks immediately, or put them in your freezer for later use.

Your satisfaction and happiness is of utmost concern to us. We back up our product and service with our United Steaks no-hassle guarantee. If you have any issues or if you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please contact our customer service team at custermerservice@unitedsteaks.com or call us at (888) 50-STEAK. We will make it right!

Each box of United Steaks comes with a customized shipping label that contains seasonal recipes from America’s favorite grillmaster, Chef Nick Liberato. You can also visit our United Steaks Blog HERE for other succulent recipes, health and nutrition information, and expert tips on cooking steak.

United Steaks is interested in working with you. Please contact us at customerservice@unitedsteaks.com, and our business development team will be happy to help you.

If you still have questions, or if you need us for any reason, our United Steaks support team members are available Monday thru Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time at (888)50-STEAK. You may also email us at customerservice@unitedsteaks.com, and you can expect a supportive, human response within two (2) business days.

Choice selections are less marbled steaks from free-range vegetarian fed livestock. These selections are more cost effective and do well in all your favorite meat dishes. The more marbling in your steak the more tender and tasty it’s going to be.

Prime selections have plenty of marbling and also come from free-range vegetarian fed livestock. These steaks are the kind of juicy tender steaks you get at your favorite specialty steakhouse. Best for the BBQ or your grill, our Prime steak selections are hand-cut and portioned by expert meat cutters who take pride in the quality of your selections.

Yes, but the box you are ordering must meet the minimum requirement**

No, each box is always either Prime OR Choice, meaning you can only have an entire box of steaks that are Prime or Choice. This applies to both combo boxes and individual selections.

Of course! You can order as many boxes of yummy United Steaks as you’d like. As long as each box is either all Choice items or all Prime items, your steak possibilities are endless. The Choice is yours. 😉

No. A box must be either Conventional OR Natural. You can order as many boxes as you would like, but you cannot combine Natural and Conventional products in the same box.

Everyone who loves steak on your gifting list would absolutely love a box of United Steaks showing up at their doorstep, courtesy of you ;). Just make sure to check out the gift option at checkout so that the lucky recipient doesn’t think they are getting a bill.

* Pre-set portions of steaks available in either Choice or Prime.

** A minimum requirement for each box is a total purchase of $340.00 which includes shipping and handling costs