ROI case study


The first two years Creative Visions worked on the Wednesday’s Child ( campaign, donations increased 190% with an overall lower marketing expense.


CFO’s are rightfully concerned about ways to save money for design, copy writing, photography, videography and creative costs in general. Marketing Directors want results, on time, which often means avoiding unproven low-cost solutions.

These opposing views can pit accounting and marketing departments against one another. Peace can usually be found through healthy ROI.

An easy way to prove ROI success comes down to one thing – determine how much was sold versus the marketing expense hard costs AND marketing department hours spent. Sometimes this can be measured by project or campaign. However, since marketing is a journey and not a destination, it is typically better to measure over the course of a quarter, bi-annually or year. Are your marketing dollars and time spent managing it continually getting better and better ROI, or is it flat, or worse, declining? If the last two, it’s time to get a marketing partner you can trust. And remember…

…the purpose of all marketing is TO CREATE WANT AND SELL.


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