Can You Trust Outside Services

Can You Trust Outside Services

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Your firm most likely utilizes outside services that, if they weren’t there, wouldn’t allow you to do what you do. We’re the same. We’ve spent decades building strong relationships with 100s of vendors that you can count. We wouldn’t be who we are without our outside partners and our thanks go out to them.

So, we’ve vetted marketing vendors for you, to ensure you’ll receive proven products and service on time and on budget that meets or exceeds your expectation of quality — without having to do the shopping.

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“Businesses benefit when partnering with Creative Visions. Erik has the experience and instinct to see the big picture for his clients and ask all the right questions, before providing a clear and guided marketing strategy. This strategy is then distilled into a Creative Brief. The amount of detail and focus in the brief makes the job of the designer much easier, and results in a better work-product for the client. Add to this Erik’s thorough client and team communication and you have the perfect storm of creative partnership!” – Can of Creative

“When working together with Creative Visions, one main goal is always at the forefront: Meeting and surpassing the clients’ needs and deadlines in a timely, professional manner—with cutting-edge creative solutions. This was the case since I started working with Erik in 1993, and this commitment has not wavered. The consistent, dependable manner in which Creative Visions treats its clients should be the pattern for other businesses to follow.” – Chief Creative

“I appreciate the fact that you want the best for your customers and keeping brand consistency is important. We (I) believe the same.” – RR Donnelley

“I have worked with Erik Hofstetter and Creative Visions for 13 plus years as a vendor in the Printing Industry. I think what sets Erik aside from the rest is his unique approach to developing a marketing strategy that will best suit his client’s needs. He researches and fully understands their objective and develops a marketing strategy that will reach their target audience and increase revenue and exposure. I have personally watched and worked with Erik on these campaigns and it is impressive to see the results he achieves for his clients. 

When working with Erik, I don’t feel like a vendor but rather a part of the Creative Visions team. I work closely with Erik on each project to ensure that we are achieving the level of quality that he has come to expect for his clients. It’s that level of communication and respect that you don’t get with every client and what makes working with Creative Visions a rewarding experience.

Working with someone who has the passion and drive that Erik has raises the bar and makes you want to work that much harder to ensure the final product, whether it be a mailer, brochure or high-end collateral piece is the best it can possibly be for the end user.” – Ironwood

“Working with Erik Hofstetter at Creative Visions has been great. He has a clear vision of the end product and knows what it takes to get to that end point. He also does a great job trusting his vendors to do what they do best.” – Noah Berg

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