Free Yourself of Marketing Anxiety Now

Free Yourself of Marketing Anxiety Now

Free Yourself of Marketing Anxiety Now 1000 667 admin

Ever notice how shaking is associated with being nervous? Maybe you’ve experienced this. The back and forth movement of shaking is actually a symptom of wanting to be something but can’t, needing to do something but won’t, wanting to get something-but can’t have it, want it-can’t, need to-won’t, happy-sad, success-failure, survive-succumb, life-death, etc., etc., etc., at a faster and faster pace until, you actually shiver, shudder or have the sensation of shaking.

Maybe you’ve felt a bit of anxiety when it comes to making marketing decisions. It may not be as extreme as how you feel when you stand on the edge of a cliff (I want to stand here but can’t). Still, I’ll bet there have been times your nerves were tested when deciding how or if to proceed with a marketing strategy or project. This is compounded when you have your competition, other executives, associates, a boss, or possibly your significant other — pressuring you for success or failure.

This can create doubt, frustration and strain for you. As someone involved in marketing, you’ve probably got a bit of creative blood flowing through your veins. So, you may also wonder how your dream of how fun it would be developing marketing ideas has become so stressful. And how do you alleviate the anxiety?


It all comes down to people. You probably have pressure from people that think they know how marketing works, but don’t. Or, you’ve had people (possibly even marketing “professionals”) give you advice or promises that haven’t worked out. Worse, you’ve had to deal with salesmen.

If you could strike up a relationship with someone you trust, someone with diverse marketing experience, a person that isn’t trying to pitch one particular marketing product, process or technique and most importantly — somebody that understands what you are going through, that has helped others through it and wants to help you — reach out to that person and get to know them. Who knows, you might find a new friend that can help take your marketing stress and make it their own, allowing you to relax, until the next marketing challenge comes along.

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If you are a Robin Hood of marketing, look for and find your Friar Tuck. I guarantee (link) this bond will help alleviate your marketing anxiety and you’ll be on your way to creating a band of merry men and women   ; )

“I have retained the services of Erik Hofstetter, Creative Visions, for several projects over the last few years, including design of a new logo and several marketing brochures. Throughout all the projects, Erik and his staff proved to be reliable and responsive, providing end products that I have been most pleased with.

I am responsible for the nationwide delivery of recognition to our organization’s highest level of donors. It is imperative that the materials associated with this group be of the utmost caliber. Creative Visions has not disappointed, providing exactly what I needed. I am also responsible for developing strategies to increase donors’ involvement and support of our organization. When I turned to Erik for assistance, his staff was able to produce materials that effectively conveyed our messages.

I know the services of Creative Visions have been retained by many of my colleagues here at the National MS Society, certainly an indication of a job consistently done well. I have been very happy with the quality of work, attention to detail and prompt service provided by Creative Visions, and would highly recommend Erik Hofstetter, Creative Visions.”

– Gina Taranto, Major Gift Planning Coordinator, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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