Love or Hate; Digital ? Traditional ? Marketing

Love or Hate; Digital ? Traditional ? Marketing

Love or Hate; Digital ? Traditional ? Marketing 1200 1005 admin

Want ads in the newspaper used to be one of their highest revenue sources. Now newspapers barely exist. Some of our clients used to spend $10,000’s monthly on local Yellow Page advertising. Now most millennials don’t even know what they were. Marketing has become digital.

But is it?

For good reason, there is a heavy emphasis on digital marketing now and this will continue into the known future. But it will change. (As young as email marketing is, it’s already getting old and mostly ignored.) Who knows what the future of marketing will look like? Have you ever seen those sci-fi movies like Blade Runner with the larger than life billboards? Well, that’s just a fancy outdoor campaign.

I’ll share with you what I think effective current and future marketing will be. It’ll create an impact. It’ll get people’s attention. It’ll increase sales. It’ll have high ROI. And it won’t be what everybody else is doing — because if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else…

…how will you stand out?

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“Thank you! We did receive the ad and it looks absolutely gorgeous! I think its simplicity and bold graphic look will definitely make a difference!” – Susan O’Malley, Sales Rep – Colorado Homes Magazine

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