The Conflict Between Small Agency and Large

The Conflict Between Small Agency and Large

The Conflict Between Small Agency and Large 1140 754 admin

There’s an old adage that goes something like, “nobody got fired for hiring IBM.” That may be true, but where is IBM now as compared to young inventive upstarts like Amazon and Apple? You want marketing that works – fast – and you’re looking for a partner to help make your efforts successful.

Bigger advertising agencies or marketing firms have large staffs called “support” with portfolios of recognizable clients as proof of their execution — but at what cost? Often, they are slow-movers wanting big budgets requiring you operate within their processes.

Smaller marketing firms, or even sound consultants, are nimble, hungry and do what’s needed to please their clients (rather than the other way around). And they can become as large as clients need them to be by bringing in their trusted vendors.

Remember Don Draper in Mad Men? He certainly battled his own demons. But one thing he didn’t do was rely on others to come up with bright ideas, they were his own. HE was the agency, not the bloated staff around him. So next time you need a marketing project completed, try hiring Don Draper (or his trusted side-kick Peggy) and not his staff.

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We were on CNN, Jay Leno, Inside Edition, and in many international and national newspapers. It was quite the event!!! Thank you for your help.” – Mandy Peterson, Marketing Director – National Multiple Sclerosis Society Dakota Chapter

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