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Backyard Products manufactures numerous playset designs and play accessory products all engineered for fun. From budget friendly swing sets to deluxe redwood structures, everything we make is built for quality, durability and safety. Our play brands are sold online and through some of the largest retail stores in the country; Lowe’s, Costco, Home Depot, Amazon, and more.



Gorilla playsets are built beyond industry standard in every way. With stronger lumber, stronger slides and stronger swing chains, we make one of the most sturdy assortment of play structures in America. And a stronger, more stable playset is a safer playset. Our playsets and play accessories are sold online and through retailers like Lowe’s, Costco, Amazon and many others.

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Kid’s Creations

Kids Creations sells playsets and play accessories online. We make the playsets kids would create. Kids Creations understands kids and their magical imagination. We use that understanding when designing our playsets. Better yet, at users can design their very own custom playset – exactly the way their kid would create it. We’re the leading manufacturer of high-end redwood and cedar playsets, offering a wide selection of sizes, designs, and play activities. All built to meet kid’s expectations for fun and mom’s expectations for safety.

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Swing-n-Slide playsets and play accessories don’t leave the warehouse until they’re tested safe. Everything we sell is engineered with safety in mind, then it undergoes rigorous testing to meet or exceed ASTM safety standards. We go through this process voluntarily to assure the safest play lineup available. Established in 1985, Swing-n-Slide has continuously adhered to these practices that assure products that are of high quality, durable and most of all safe for kids. It’s the first choice for parents who put safety first.

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